Touchin’ That Brand

It always amazes me when a company who has such tremendous ownership of a market segment decides to up and drastically change it’s trade dress – and this is exactly what Campbells is doing. It seems incredibly ballsy to upend the location of their brand mark and especially move it to the opposite end of the package. This is a poor move as most people in the US would immediately understand that a white can with just a red band on the top is Campbells Soup. There needn’t be a logo, an image of tasty soup or even the proper color of red. The color location is quite enough. Now, they are throwing that work away.

It seems suspect to me that the eye tracking had not come back with the same results with the red band at the bottom. I would guess that other factors are at work aside from the location of the band, probably the undulation of the wave and perhaps less red on the cans.

The second reason I have is that I think they forgot that a lot of times, these cans are sold as tray packs. These corrugate tray packs will do an excellent job of covering up the bottom-placed Campbells logo and the red wave thing ( that everyone has). So now, if you’re lucky you’re just selling ‘Classic Favorites’. Mmmm, sounds store-brand good! I made up a quick drawing to illustrate:

By the way, that wave looks a lot like the Target® in-store trade wave on it’s side or an upside-down Rubbermaid wave – just sayin’.

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