The Tide of Change at Aldi?

It’s an interesting thing looking at changes to packaging at Aldi.  It’s kind of like watching the evolution of Banana trees – changes are so interesting because they’re asexual so there’s far less of the Darwinian things going on. Not that Aldi is asexual or sexual in any regard, but it is curious because it’s a place were no in-store competition happens, so there’s less of a drive to keep packaging up to date, as referenced by the package on the left. This is the prior work.

When you look at the prior work you can see it has that 80s-90s kind of gonzo-happy feel to it. A big image of a tasty sammich with text smeared all over it and drop shadows that scream hand-cut film. There’s also a smattering of blasters that point out details somewhat hap-hazzardly. I think you can see this sort of art in any number of groccery stores’ generic line. That’s the Aldi’s I know and love.

What do we have on the right? The new packaging.

Someone has done a fine job of cleaning and reorganizing. The logo has been retroed to a 50-60s serif face with the product name de-emphasized and placed in a color band. The call-outs have been re-positioned and organized into the top right corner where they pop much more.  The rest of the more mechanical details are contained in a white bar at the bottom of the package that also includes the UPC, as if it was supposed to be there.

Overall, I think it was a really nice job. It makes me think that Aldi might be thinking of trying to polish their image and shed that bargain-basement stigma. They may have also seen the light through their Fit & Active line which could look at home in a Target somewhere. Either way, this is a good step in the right direction, especially seeing that the call-outs are more relevant to what the current American shopper is interested in – or at least should be interested in – as well as making the stuff less scary to take out of the fridge when there’s company over.  I am excited to see what the rest of the remodeling will look like, if there is more !

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