Bufa Chair

In the near future, I hope that the greening trend sets it’s sights more on furniture – especially on the upholstered versions. When this happens, there’ll probably be a scramble to locate a technology that will supplant high density foam, which is the backbone of nearly everything that’s padded.  While there will be solutions that will find other materials to stuff into cushions, there exists another solution, and that is what you see with the Bufa Chair.

MOWOstudio is presenting a structural form implemented through three dimensional patterns in the fabric. Special note should be taken with the folding occurring at the point where the seat back and the seat proper meet. This section, while showing off visual interest, provides an interesting tactile experience. I would have liked to ask the creators as to what the thinking was in regards to the reasoning for placing the ribs on the inside of the chair rather than on the bottom…

I think there’s a lot of mileage in this solution and this chair only scratches the surface. With even more clever iterations I think it’s possible to create cushions which use purely shapes for support and give rather than a stuffing, and to great efficiency.


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