The Vakko Fashion Center and Power Media Center

Archinect has an interesting ShowCase writeup of the new Vakko Fashion Center. It is a pretty amazing building for a number of reasons, not the least of it being the expansive use of mirrored finishes that must be seen to believe, as well as a very expressive structure.

The feature that strikes me most is the molded windows encasing the exterior, as seen above. While the article points to the reasoning as structural, they also have  a fantastic aesthetic quality to them. Below you can see the effects produced by sunlight as it travels through the panes.

I hope that this is just the opening volley in what might become something of trend that will help us break the tyranny of the harsh box we’ve all been accustomed to seeing lately.

With a little imagination, I can see that perhaps larger buildings could have walls of patterns made from such formed glass forming unique topologies – perhaps even signature or branded ones.

It would also be interesting to see what sort of mechanical properties a properly molded window shape could bring to a building. Could a shape be so designed as to reduce the amount of heating required? Or perhaps other qualities?

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