Browsing Netlabels = Vinyl Digging

One of my passions is searching out new music. In the past, it was really kind of exciting when you could go to the record store and try out vinyl, and digging through racks of it. It seems that all the places around here where you could do that are gone. CD shopping isn’t the same and neither is looking through online stores. There’s something slightly missing.

Now, digging through what the world’s netlabels have to offer has got that kind of stink to it – especially when you have tastes like mine: IDM, glitch, ambient, minimal techno, experimental and hardcore. There’s a lot of labels out there that cater to that stuff. I listen a lot so I’ve decided to give back, beyond handing off CDs to people. I’ve decided that I’m going to post the ones I am listening to and give an admittedly ham-fisted review so that hopefully, I can get a few more converts out there or at least some exposure to the people out there making all this great stuff, so stay tuned!


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