Skicraft Pen – Best Pen Ever

When I was little, my dad used to have these pens from when he was in the service. They were small black pens with just enough chrome that seemed to have the perfect size – just big enough for the hand but small enough to go anywhere. The best part was how the roller ball worked. It was darn consistent and easy rolling, but when you leaned them just right and added just the right pressure, you could get the pens to put down a fairly nice half tone.

The sad day came when I lost my hook-up as my father left the service. I sparingly used my horded supply until they were all gone. Why didn’t I just go buy more? Well, the special Skilcraft Pen of my dreams is made under contract by a company called Industries for the Blind for the United States government – and only for the United States Government . The pen’s like a State Secret or something.

Recently, I found myself at a US museum catering to cool army stuff and lo and behold what do I find in the pencil jar?? You bet!

I cajole the lady at the counter and trade out my pen for it and escape with my prize. After a lot of testing, yes it still performs as amazingly as I remembered it and the best part is that it’s the exact same height as my Moleskine mini-notebook. Score!

After a few months of love and happiness, the pen runs its course and sets me on an odessey to find a replacement. It takes me to seedy eBay auctions and other dark places on the web until I find They have a nearly identical pen to the Government model!

I ordered a box up and they are nearly identical in nearly every regard except for finish. Obviously we, the non-military, don’t get the chrome, but we do get a recycled barrel and nifty matte finish.

Once again, I am happy!

One Reply to “Skicraft Pen – Best Pen Ever”

  1. When a designer finds the perfect pen, it’s so tough to let go. It’s just one of those things. Kudos for finding them again! I bet a little bit of you is at peace now.

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