Geoff Bell – Toruda EP

The Toruda EP is a pretty nice release on the AuflegWare label. I guess if I were to categorize it I’d put it as down tempo/lounge that boarders on techno, both with the tone and tempo. The EP takes a bit of time to hit it’s stride but it does so about track 3 so if you’re getting it, and perhaps you should, you have to do Geoff the solid and hang in there to track 3. Past that, the rest are some really nice tracks. The last half seems to take sonic ideas that seem to be on the edge of non-functional and craft them into some pretty nice grooves – good for working to. They were my friend for clipping out some images, and maybe they should be your friends, too!

I’d also like to take the time to point out that a lot of the other stuff on the Auflegware Netlabel seems to be pretty good, as well. Certainly worth exploring.


Auflegware Label

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