Design quote from Artek

Fast Company posted an interview with some of the heads of  Artek. The crux of the interview was about how the company finally is making a personal presence in the USA instead of through distributors. There is a second stream of questions posing the thought that Finnish design is somehow related to Japanese work…

I think the critical and cruical portion of the interview was this very choice quote:

“Well, consider what people do when they go home and open a laptop and look at Facebook. Meanwhile, offices and cellphones and privacy have all changed office spaces in the last 10 years. That changes things like soundproofing and table sizes. But there could be new products that come out of those insights.”

This quote gets me thinking in a lot of directions. I think it speaks to what the future will hold and how the furnishing industry is going to change to keep relevant. Most importantly, it speaks to density of population and the inherent changes that’s going to drive. Personal space is going to become smaller and ultimately much more valuable. We’re probably going to see products that will work to carve out this space from more intensive media saturation and perhaps more to the point, noise in general.

The other point worth chewing on was the notion of the change in computing and our usage. It begs the question as to whether the laptop is now our primary source of entertainment. If so, then what does a living room look like when the television is not the primary focus? Will seating have to change more to use the laptop over the TV? If laptops are primary and so is web/social media, then this should also push for a change in the dynamics of the living room where entertainment becomes less of a group sport and more of a personal – perhaps private – endeavor.

I could blather on, but that’s for another day. Anyway, great piece with some interesting thoughts but I wish it were longer and a bit more in-depth. Being that they were at the show, I’m sure that would be possible.

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