Wooden PCs and Missing Future Design

I came across this computer case design a few days ago. I have to say that I really enjoy it’s vibe. Reminds me of back in the early ’80s where everything kind of had that look before the ubiquitous beige plastic cases came in.

I think only in the past 5 years have we begun to throw off the shackles of crappy plastic cases.  Those cases were/are bad. They’re unchallenging and completely uninviting. I can’t believe we put up with them  for as long as we did.

The other thing it does for me is hearken me back to when this sort of look was pretty much what we called ‘the future’. It was a Blade Runner future where technology seemed to be far more integrated. Today, it seems that the electrics seem to be the alien item in the room, completely jarring from the rest of the environment. Now our product designs seem to push towards this roundy,  stainless steel/ aluminum naked metal jellybean look.

I really hope that we’ll eventually encorporate wood – real wood – back into our stylings. To me, there seems to be a warmth and an inviting quality to items when there is componentry of wood involved. The reason for these allusions is that there was a sort of bridge from the past with the addition of what obviously can be seen as an extension of cabinetry, an item that we know and understand well. Further, I think there was another understanding involved when cabinetry still kind of meant wood cabinetry and that was working toward a compatibility with the furnishings you already had.

Like it or not, most of all the furniture you can buy is rectilinear and probably made of wood. Back in the days of yore, your rectilinear wood-encased stereo looked pretty good on the rectilinear wood shelf in the living room – so much so that it receded to the background a bit and people were forced to interact with each other – play Twister® or something instead of waiting for the onyx orb to heat up.

By contrast, today your electrics are designed specifically, it seems, to jump out from your furniture. Your TV is a giant ungainly brushed aluminum affair that’s far less of an accessory to your life and far more of a giant idol that needs to be worshiped. the living room is designed for the consumption and display of electronic goods rather than for living.

This is sad as it basically says that the future that we live in is run by the machines.

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