X – A Free Techno MP3 Music Compilation

This MP3 compilation was put together by the good folks at Phlow magazine. A great place to find new netlabel stuff. Even if you don’t like techno, you have to check out the site.

On to the compilation. It is techno, but not the stuff you think of when you hear the word ‘techno’. By that I mean the endless drone of 135bpm and sweaty glow sticks. I suppose it’s more of the electronica bend. It’s good stuff and definitely worth your time.

I think it’s more of the headphones/working on stuff sort of electronica and is a good blend of songs that work well together with a feel of about 1993 or so – a good year for electronic music – the years when prog-trance was king and garage two-step was just crazy terrible dream.

It also seems to be the sort of stuff that will get you home from downtown Chicago at 3am, as long as you have a good stereo.

I hope you like it, as I’m going to be plumbing the artists’ catalogs on this album for more great stuff.

X can be downloaded here:


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