Wood Chop Netlabel Mix

Today, I’d like to point out that I’m not very original. Case in point: I had been thinking for a long time about creating DJ Mixes of netlabel artists. It seems that there are already people doing this and doing it quite well. Take for instance, this mix by Sea.Envy, Wood Chop – a 79 minute mix that starts off in that sweeping techno that seems to be played in better clubs at around 10-11pm – not the maddest of floor stompers, but good head-nodding stuff nonetheless. Toward the end we get in to more of a minimal, I guess Tek-house sort of feel, but I’d call it more minimal. So pretty much the mix that transfers from that new guy DJ at 9pm that nobody listens to to the guy who still uses vinyl before the banging dude at midnight. I think we all can follow that, right?

Also, a really nice part about this site, other than the fact that there are more mixes to listen to later, is that they give us a track listing WITH links to the artists – rad! That means there’ll be more techno on this blog, beware.

The mix page:



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