Give and Take Netlabel MP3 release

Down Team Up brings us this album, Give and Take.

Back in the day, and that day being somewhere around the early 90’s, there was this big push to make electronica albums. When I say electronica albums, I mean works that were not built for the dance floor, more for just listening. They were works that kind of had something to say, encapsulated in computer music delight where one would put the headphones on at home and just enjoy the journey. Bands like Underworld and The Orb did this surprisingly well. They’d play out, too, but they’d change up the songs for a more dance-inspired set.

Recently, this sort of electronic album has seemed to fall out of taste ( or at least I have a hard time finding them) for more club-inspired stuff. So it’s nice when you come across an album like Give and Take where you still can have that audio storytelling for all those times when you are not at the club, going to the club, thinking about the club or working at the speed of the club.

The Album is pretty much one complete set that’s broken up into tracks, and I would hope that the artist would produce a continuous mix version, soon. The songs move pretty seamlessly through thoughts and themes creating a rather enjoyable sort of story.

Do pick up a copy, as it does work really well as a summer album, like they said!

Download here:


One Reply to “Give and Take Netlabel MP3 release”

  1. Hey Eric,
    This is Brian, I produced “Give and Take” by Down Team Up. Not sure how you found my little record, but I’m glad you did and appreciate you taking the time to listen and post about it. Yes, it tells a bit of a story, and my approach to music-making is a bit more adventurous and experimental, or at least more expansive than the sorts of dance-heavy records I used to make. Please check out my netlabel, Believe In Billy Records for more (free) music in this vein ( i think you’ll particularly like “Far Above the World Tonight” by Mental Health Consumer as a concept/electronic sort of record).


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