Col-Letto Bed and the Construction of Personal Space

Lately, one of the things I have been thinking about is how in the coming future we will have to work quite diligently on designing more personal space for ourselves. This is due to a lot of forces, most notably the encroachment of pervasive technologies as well as diminishing living spaces.

I think this will force furniture to start providing aspects of personal space delineation, especially when rooms become more multifunctional – which brings me to this bed I came across on the Contemporist today, the Col-Letto Bed.

While I usually don’t prefer items that are of the Swiss Army Knife sorts of things, I think this bed is an excellent exception. The part of it’s functionality that I like the best is that it has the capability to create a more inclusive experience through the giant petal around it’s perimeter. All the other folding shapes are nifty but that quality is perhaps the most intriguing to me.

To me, that inclusiveness is at least a great step into creating a separate-ness from whatever else is going on in the room, like a television or a reader in the room. I am also thinking that it could go a bit further but this is a very important step and I would be excited to try one out!

You can find out more about this piece of furniture at the Lago website.

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