Detour par la departementale – Netlabel MP3 Release

I was browsing around some of my favorite netlabels and I ran across the Detour par la Departementale release from Au Fond du Car. It’s billed as a “peculiar journey of pop-folk-electronica and retro singer-songwriter music” and I tend to agree, although that definition gives a somewhat incomplete representation of what this release is about.

I think the music is all those things but it’s far more precious that what this label implies. It really reminds me of what it’s like to be driving on a crisp spring day, windows down, no other traffic on the long country road…like one of the driving scenes from Jump Tomorrow(a great film, I recommend that as well).

The bulk of the release is acoustic guitar with some easy and minimal harmonic synth-work. There are vocals. They have an introspective quality and most are in French, which I think also helps to set the mood in the ‘I’m feeling content, although it’s overcast’ sort of feeling I mentioned before. French is not a language that I pretend to understand so I cannot vouch for the lyric qualities but the first song is in English and those are quality.

I am not sure when the release came out, so I can’t really say whether it is new, but when you find little gems like this it’s like it’s brand new to you, so enjoy.

Netlabel – Rec72:

Release Download (.zip):


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