The Mash House and How We Might Break Up Our Architectural Spaces.

In a previous post somewhere on this site I pondered the thoughts of how living spaces are all moving toward open concept and this post on BLDGBLOG got me thinking about it again. While this house is not completely what I had been thinking about, it does have a rather unique feature that points to the open-concept idea, and how we will go about crafting areas for our activities. That item is the ‘kitchen island’ in this house.

Yes, I know, we all have kitchen islands, but this one is different, as it links three rooms together as it traverses a large portion of the house from the kitchen to what looks like the office.

The island is this giant, multi-functional device in the house that changes its utility as it moves through rooms – a very unique concept. I wish there was a floor plan to have look in greater detail though or an explanation of how it works.

Obviously, in the kitchen it provides the services we all come to expect but as it moves to this sun room it provides perhaps storage for coats and outer wear  like a conventional foyer closet? The island also divides what could be the ‘foyer’ area from a hallway, delineating activities within the house. Finally it terminates at the edge of the office, creating the feeling of a fourth wall.

It’s a very interesting bit of built-in furniture.  I think it also points out a way where furniture can create spaces and functionalities in the open-concept future we will be living in. Furniture will be needed not just to sit on but to craft the shape of our rooms as the opportunities to modify our spaces will become prohibitive in terms of time and even capability. It will be much easier to buy units instead of breaking down walls and putting up new. Our breaking up of spaces to function will be more personalized and more temporary, which means it will have to be done by furnishings rather than builders.

It is interesting to think of what other devices we will use to make our houses homes where we have the capability to build and modify our spaces rather than to just take the placement of bedrooms to offices that we have now.

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