Adam & Alma – Back To The Sea Netlabel MP3 Release

In my ever-quest for new music in the netlabel world, I have come across a pretty solid label called 23 Seconds. They seem to hail from Sweden and has, so far, one of the greatest selections of music, like this EP from Adam & Alma.

This release, Back To the Sea, is a great set of what I guess is considered electronic indie pop. It measures in at only 23min long, which is a shame, because it’s phenomenally good.

The texture of the songs are really light and almost etherial in the subtly of handling the electronic back end, which jibes very well with the vocals. There is a luscious minimal quality that they’ve achieved as well – that sort of restraint is difficult to come by. The EP is reminiscent of the two vocal tracks on Royskopp’s first album, but a bit more adult in feel. There’s also a faint undercurrent of Postal Service in there as well. The tracks are certainly slower than either and perhaps more thoughtful.

I think you should get a copy, and you do, too.

Download the EP here

23 Seconds Netlabel

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