The Hard Part of Pervasive Media Design

There seems to be a large number of these sorts of videos that show us how we will be immersed in rich media in the coming years. The videos show many different ways of lighting up our lives with the inevitable push of content. Of course most of these videos show us the easy, happy world were all this is actually helpful. Designers create new items so that we can interact more with the cloud of knowledge, like waifishly thin smart appliances and screens built into everything. I have to say that the design challenge here is not how to plow more interaction into our lives, but just the opposite.

In the coming years when these visions become a reality, other things will become a reality as well – namely too much pervasive media. Just as we get too many junk emails or perhaps worse, like the days before pop-up blockers, we’ll experience a deluge of information and advertisements from all of these device channels. This is also in combination with the diminishing personal space that we will also be dealing with will force a new kind of designer, one that deals with creating space away from immersive media.

It will be interesting work. Fighting back all the appliances and software designed to push media and creating some sort of personal space. When your walls, mirrors and other surfaces are all active delivery channels it will be a tough job. Perhaps your personal time will be like a TVbGone where you can shut off or mute everything. Whatever it would be, the capability to chisel out your own personal space through the filtering or diminishing of the media channels will be the most sought after item to have.

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