Beware Beat Volume 3 DJ Mix Release

I’ve met a lot of people my age who have already put a stake in the ground about what sort of music they like. I know a few people who basically are stuck in 1993 and I even know someone solidly affixed to 1986, which is not to say that they wouldn’t listen to a new band – just as long as it sounds like it came from 1986. So far, I’ve been able to shrug off this settling. Case in point: I am digging the hell out of Electro. Now, I know you’re saying that really Electro has already made it into it’s twilight. Fair enough, I’ll credit that. I counter that with the thought that Electro was basically under-described and a lot of stuff that plainly was not Electro was called that, causing an over-inflation of offerings.

So what is Electro to me? I think you can look at Justice and their predicessor, Daft Punk for definity. So, if you like those guys, you’ll LOVE this release. The bulk of the tracks subsribe to the Justice ethic, although there are a few tracks that I’d say falls into those tracks a house DJ puts in somewhere in the middle of their set when you’re thinking about going to the bathroom, but all compilations have that.

I’d call this a compilation instead of a mix, even though it is billed as a mix, because the tracks are separated out. This is a nice bonus as you can tell much more easily which artist is which, for much more easier digging.

Beware, though: this compilation isn’t for reading the paper to, it’s for more serious endeavors, like vital listening material for in between clubs on Saturday night, when you need to keep it maxxed out.

Download here.

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