züüngar Netlabel Release

If Fatboy Slim woke up one day and decided to make a slightly hardcore drum and bass album, this would be it. These guys do a really good job of laying down the D&B beats, but the real magic is the melodic and sampling aspects of the tracks. Don’t Worry Be Amen has a really distinct Norman Cook feel to it – which is good! Whereas la jungla has the feel of your conventional D&B track sound, but well done. Now that I think of it, the album reminds me of Cut Chemist’s album, The Audience is Listening, too…kind of an adventure.

The release also has a feel that puts it in a different area than most D&B releases are – something other than the feeling of 2:00 in the morning in an ominous deserted city. The feel is more like a Saturday late afternoon when you know you’re going big for the evening and you have those butterflies. I think this aspect is where the Fatboy Slim comes in. It all comes together to have this jesting quality to it, where it kind of dares you to think it’s drum and bass. All over cool stuff, in fact there doesn’t seem to be a less than interesting track on the release, which is kind of rare as all good albums and groups have to put out a clunker (Remember Hot Dog, Led Zeppelin??).

What are you waiting for? Go get the release!

Terminal Station Netlabel

Züüngar Release
Download it here

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