Sound Of Illusion – Breaking Dawn – MP3 Netlabel Release

I was looking for some Breakcore and I came home with this release instead. Breaking Dawn by Sound of Illusion is an interesting amalgamation of songs. If you take the tracks separately, they would seem pretty disjointed but together, they kind of work.

There are about three really stand-out songs on the album – and this is where you get to see the seeming dissonance of offerings – two of which have a distinct, yet well executed, Massive Attack quality to them. The vocals of these tracks are well done and have a bit of a perfectly haunting quality that works well with the rest of the tracks’ sonic qualities. The third (Drill Core Neighbor) is a drum and bass track that kind of sinters like a Spring Heel Jack tune. Yeah, they’re all on the same release! Putting the rest of the tracks together and you get a sort of Ninjatune sound that I guess is called downtempo or IDM or something like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discounting these other tracks at all! They are really good stuff and work actively as the glue that holds the entire thing together as a great release. For instance, Belgrade Scum has a sound that really needs to have it’s own album.

It’s not stuff that you can easily paste a tag onto but it goes well for the steel grey, chilled winters we have here in the Midwest right now.

Sociopath Recordings Netlabel

Download Sound of Illusion – Breaking Dawn release

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