Zoundz Ov Ze Apocalypze – Bad Ratio MP3 Netlabel Release

Zoundz Ov Ze Apocalypze by Bad Ratio is constantly just about to cross from drum and bass into hardcore. It teases you with that line all the way through. needless to say, the tracks are on the heavy side of the D&B spectrum as well as at a distance from the dance-y variants.

Slippin’ into Darkness is really an excellently crafted song – perhaps the best on the release – making the whole download worth it. It reminds me of the older Prodigy stuff, which might actually make sense as the release is from 2008. Moongod takes this notion a lot further by deliciously adding still more distortion and bass depth to make a truly crushing D&B track. This is the track that embodies that teetering into the hardcore abyss feeling that I was talking about earlier. All it needs is a little push and we’re all in Kid 606 land. Nobody pushes and we all walk away relieved and satisfied that we’ve all pushed the envelope once again.

Get Zoundz Ov Ze Apocalypze – Bad Ratio

Memory Format Netlabel

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