Tableware by Ilan Sinai – thinking new in tableware design

One of the services that designers provide to the client and to the world, really, is the capability of looking at things in a manner other than what is common. Some designers are able to envision new things that break from paradigms while others are more of the ‘developer’ sort, being able to take the current and refine it to something far better.

It seems to me that there are some areas where things are over-designed, with every successive designer’s stabs not able to really break the mold of the norm, merely settling for alterations in styling. There are many reasons why this happens and a lot of times, its input far beyond the designer’s control. One area that’s really hit hard with design stagnation (despite a wealth of products coming out) is in the kitchen. So much new stuff yet nothing really exciting, interesting or just plainly better.

When one drills down even further to tableware, it becomes even more evident. What was the last new interesting thing there? Square plates? Sectioned plates? Personally, when I’m just browsing through stores, I don’t really bat an eye at the segment. It’s just not a place where innovation is allowed or perhaps sought after, it seems.

Along comes Ilan Sinai (if you can hear me out there, Ilan, you need a website!) with his new collection of tableware that is really, honestly, a refreshing break from current offerings. Now I know that there are far deeper thoughts involved in the pieces – something about the senses and you can read about it at Design Milk.

While I’d like to consider the aspects of the senses portion of the concepts, I can’t get past how the designer has really worked on the interaction of person and the items that hold and deliver the entrées.  After looking at the images of the person holding the items, you can’t help but think our current forks, knives and bowls are really not designed for the human experience. My tableware seems like they were designed for aliens or something in comparison.

Moving past these to the dishes which create new ways to control and introduce differing food offerings, is really interesting. These could have a pretty big impact on the actual recipes we create. Should some of these become available, would they have recipes made for them, much like the Bundt Cake pan? It’s a nifty thought to think that perhaps tableware could drive cooking innovation, no?

All in all, a very interesting project and I hope that some of these actually make it to market and even more so, tableware designers and makers take notice of the really thoughtful execution of interaction that these items exhibit.

One Reply to “Tableware by Ilan Sinai – thinking new in tableware design”

  1. thank you!
    It’s really nice to hear a good critique.
    The tableware are now in production…

    ilan 🙂

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