Rico Püstel – Marquee Strat – Netlabel MP3 Release

I am pretty giddy about finding this release. This is in fact rock music, a rarity for my netlabel reviews – and a rarity for netlabels in general, which is kinda sad really, but where do you find a drummer, anyhow?

Marquee Strats a great collection of songs with a sound directly in the vein of math rock, sounding not unlike Dianoga or a bit of Don Caballero. I have no idea if Rico is doing the modal/time change stuff (I could tell you if I saw the music, but for some reason, by ear, I am horrible at it) that are the hallmarks of the genre, even so it has the same flavor.

Back to Marquee Strat: what makes it so good is that it has all of the hallmarks of the genre, and all are done quite well. The melodies are heavy on the arpeggiation and the harmony portions do a good job of varying and returning to support the melodic bits. Each track is different but they all have  cohesiveness that really works well together where they sort of glide from one to the other. It’s definitely a release that makes it easy to just let it play through!

Get it here!

Test Tube Netlabel

One Reply to “Rico Püstel – Marquee Strat – Netlabel MP3 Release”

  1. Thanks for your kind words, Eric.

    I’m glad to get those significant impressions of your candid personal perception as outside recipient.

    Best regards,
    Rico Püstel

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