Zengineers – The 5th Realm MP3 Netlabel Release

I was looking around for some new music, the kind I that can do some work to, not really where I have to stay up until 3am in a frenzy to finish, but more even stuff. The 5th Realm from Zengineers fits the bill quite nicely.

The album is classified by the label as Drum and Bass, while they are right, the album could also fall into Downtempo as well. There are 12 tracks on the release and all are of equal quality and carry the same feel, but what’s more impressive is that the tracks are pretty long, for the most part. Both qualities are pretty important to me. (To tell a little secret, I tend to shy away from something with less than 5 tracks or 30min-a personality flaw? possibly…)

The 5th Realm is constructed with all of the nuances of D&B, yet it turns out to be more relaxed.  Zengineers do a very good job of putting in just enough D&B flavor while letting the tracks breathe. There is a really nice balance between letting a groove go versus the need for inflection Рit takes a steady hand. Also, sprinkled throughout the album are some really nicely done vocal tracks that do a really nice job of punctuating the release.

Maybe it doesn’t need punctuation as the Zengineers have done a great job of crafting songs with just the right amounts, – something that apparently is difficult to do in the genre.

Download the release here!

Available through the iD.EOLOGY label

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