New Fine Art Finds – Works of Photography and Drawing

Having come across two really exciting artists, I’m going to share them here. The interesting thing (to me) is that while they both come at their subjects from differing directions, as well as dissimilar methods, to produce works that really seem to belong together. Should I have the means, my ideal house would have both works sharing a room.

This is a work by Meghan Gerety. I find her work to be quite striking in regards to the the high contrast aspects. They remind me of the sort of power you feel from Franz Kline works. The focus of the work, branches against a grey and formless sky, is far from Kline’s work but the result is the same – a contemplative work that makes a powerful statement with merely black and white shape.

It is also worth noting that Meghan’s works are all done in pencil, so they are, in fact, drawings. Certainly the strain of art that is drawing has been playing second fiddle to painting for quite some time. It’s nice to see that the art form is still viable.

Above is a work from Andreas Gefeller‘s Japan Cords series. These photographic works focus in on the cacophony which is the aerial cabling in the prefecture Tottori. The high-contrast images become exceptional in their stark forms against white or black backgrounds. To me, they weave a sort of organic patterning perhaps similar to the sprawling of cities or even the schematics of the very lines they represent. It is as if they are commentaries on the web of complexity that technology tangles us in.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little curated exhibition! These sorts of finds get me excited for the continuance of Fine Art, especially after the long, dry spell art has faced in the last few decades.

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