AMP by lax-o-matic Netlabel MP3 Release

With this release you can kind of see the influences that has effected lax-o-matic in their progression. The first track has undercurrents of vintage Art of Noise, while the rest of the release settles down into something that resembles the work of Dust Brothers, but not the dancier stuff of the catalog.  Be aware that the fist track isn’t really indicative of the remainder of the release. Things definitely start to pick up after that track, hitting something like an electro-like Drum & Bass sort of groove.

The stand out track is Hurting. It is fabulous and certainly worth the download all by itself. It features a breathy guest vocal track and a deliberate groove that makes you think of Fight Club sort of Dust Bros. with a helping of Propellerheads. It’s at this track that AMP really hits its stride. The tracks sit down into some nice, meaningful beats.

Download it here!

Moods Plateau Netlabel

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