My Absolute Favorite Design Book So Far

I’ve seen a lot of design book reviews lately. I dig that because I’m a book sort of fella, but one of more selective tastes. It’s really hard to find good architecture or design books. You certainly would have a hard time bumping into one at a local book store – unless you have an awesome book store. I used to and then it closed. I miss you Prairie Avenue Bookstore.

In the interests of sharing and a bit of thanks for everyone who’s posted some really interesting books lately, I will share my favorite design book.

This is Human Interaction & Interior Space by Julius Panero and Martin Zelnick . Yes, my copy is beat up. I’ve had it for quite some time. Whenever I start a new project, chances are I consult this book at the onset. Basically, it’s a giant human factors book and I have to admit that I perhaps consult only the first third of the book, but those pages I do use are all invaluable.

The book is a giant treasure trove of anthropological information. I think that my volume here might be a bit out of date, taking into account of the changes the populace is trending to but it is still quite relevant. My searching seems to indicate that there has been no updates to the book, unfortunately. We all get to stay in the 70’s.

Otherwise, I’d like to pick up another one, just in case, but they’re nearly impossible to find – or apparently not. Regardless, I guard mine more than almost everything else I own.

I think that I’ve had this book for almost two decades now. Searching out Human Factors books is a latent hobby of mine. They’re quite difficult to find, especially used. They’re a bit easier to find new but certainly not easy on the wallet.

If you have the capability, I absolutely suggest you pick up a copy, it is pure genius. Partially, it’s kind of fun to see the page layouts and text handling from 1979. Look at that masterful stroking of Helvetica! A gem to be sure!

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