Nick R 61 – Carte Blanche Netlabel MP3 release

This release by Nick R 61 is like a little story, well it seems as so for me. A little adventure that is told though a ballad-like interpretation of the hardcore genre. The slower overall tempo makes for the opportunity to really savor the audio compositing, which is really tasty. It’s a lot harder to go slow.

Throughout the release there are sprinkled little skits or intros that set the feeling of a movie-like scenario. Some of these little intros are conversations in Russian. My Russian is terrible so I can’t make out what most of the words are but it all feels like something of a slightly romantic drama. Or, at least that’s what I am envisioning – I could be just projecting, so your mileage may vary!

The best part of it all are the honest music tracks in between. They’ve got a great hardcore feel to them, although much slower in tempo than what we all think of regarding the genre. Nick R  61 reaches out to a lot of differing references and musical styles to compile the album but to great effect. The Flint Glass remix hits a seriously nice groove. For me, though, tracks like Emigrant are where it’s at. Some really good, gritty tracks on top of purposeful, driving beats. This release has a few good ones on it – certainly enough cause to go download your own copy!

Download it here!

The Fusion Netlabel

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