Pichis Brew by Trío Antimanierista MP3 Netlabel Release

So this is kind of a new sonic area for the blog to be sure. This release, Pichis Brew by Trío Antimanierista is more of an avant guard jazz release. Don’t be afraid, it’s good stuff! There is a lot of new jazz out there that can be a bit harder to get your head around. I am well aware of this as I spend a time here and there trolling through it. This release is not like that at all, no choking and dying saxes or percussion that sounds like a drunk in a cookware store. It’s pretty easy-going and kind of minimal, but just enough there to get the thought across. As I have said before, to do minimal right takes a lot of talent.

The release does dissolve to a bit of noise here and there, but there is an underlying sort of plan that one can discern, perhaps a second listen might be necessary. It has a bit of a story telling quality that feels kind of at home in what you’d figure is a late 60s movie score. Nothing you can’t handle, especially if you’re coming from the Drum & Bass or Hardcore world – in that case, this is relaxing!

Do download a copy, it’s certainly worth it. Listen to it. Feel like you’re all cultured and stuff without damaging your ears or sanity! I have a copy and will be subjecting my brother to it this weekend!

Download the release

Clinical Archives Netlabel

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