Airborne Drumz – Saturn Falcons Netlabel MP3 Review

It seems the world is on a dubstep kick after Skrillex hit the scene. Curiously, digging into the genre you find that he’s basically the only one who sounds like that – or maybe it’s that I don’t know where the Secret Awesome is. I admit it. I am old and the art degree only goes so far.

To my surprise, I found this release by Airborne Drumz. I really wouldn’t call it true dubstep, though. That’s not a bad thing, and from the great pile of stuff in that genre, it’s probably a good thing. What is it then? I think it’s something that sits somewhere in the middle of a triangle between Skrillex, Deadmau5 and perhaps rougher Kid 606. Essentially, you have the sounds of dubstep (without the over-done ‘wubwubwub’), the driving beat of good house and the edge of Hardcore. This is perhaps best executed in track two, Andromeda.

Moving to Dertoit Wastelands, perhaps you get a feeling that Airborne Drumz are well-influenced by Daft Punk. It’s a very nice track that also recalls the first Justice album, as if it were a bonus track or it could really be that connecting sound between Skrillex and Justice. The next few tracks give you the same sort of feeling and it’s good stuff. The nice thing these tracks do (besides sound good)  is take you down from Andromeda so you can get amped up again towards the end.

At the end is Back to Saturn. Starting off slow, it builds to some really gritty distorted samples. It’s tough to get that right balance of song construction and the manic, deconstruction that we all wish dubstep to be. A big plus is that the release still uses a driving, easily found beat no matter if it’s on some of the calmer tracks or the big hitting ones. Airborne Drumz has also found what seems to be almost the perfect tempo to build these tracks, unlike most who run at what I figure is about 10-15bpm too slow for utility.

If you’re a fan of such things, and I can’t see who wouldn’t. You need to have this album. Especially when you’ve listened to the above mentioned artists and you need a new fix.

Airborne Drumz on MySpace

Download the release here

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