Filter Bubbles vs The Daily Randomizer

I guess we’re all in our own little bubbles. The abilities of technology nowadays allows us to craft, select and deselect what and from where we receive our information about the world. Of course this may be a bit dangerous. It can create little echo-chambers of our own thinking where the only new ideas we already like are siphoned in.  If that’s not bad enough, it also hardens the ‘us-vs-them’ mentality in an already divisive time.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could see how the rest of our world thinks about things? If we could, would it surprise us if we were to glimpse into those other guy’s bubbles and find out they’re not so crazy? Maybe even find out on just a few points we might have a commonality of opinion?

Thinking along those lines, I thought it to be rather interesting to reach into a number of different news sites to grab stories, but present them in as impartial environment as possible – no logos, no taglines, no talking heads or personalities – just batches of news stories. That’s what I’ve done with my Daily Randomizer site.

The site culls batches of stories from a variety of sources (and as balanced as I could with the technology I’m using for this.) It presents five different sections: Top News, Business, Politics, Entertainment and Sports. The hook here is that you can see the news article titles but unless you click on the link, you’ll never know where they’re from! It’s random, and it refreshes every 30 seconds or so.

In my little part to help build bridges between everyone in this crazy world I ask you to give the site a try, keep an open mind and check out the site.

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